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Care, Quality and Commitment

Five Star Fish Processing Services

Filet and Vacuum Pack - We filet and portion your fish to your specifications, always table ready. 3 and 5 Mil bags available.

Smoked Fish - Experience the finest smoked fish on the west coast. We professionally hickory smoke your catch and then vacuum package in 3 mil bags.

Fish Jerky - San Diego’s finest fish jerky, amazing flavor and Small Packages that ensure no waste. Easy to grab and take on the go.

Gourmet Canning - We offer 3 different flavors of gourmet canning for your tuna. Our flavors are salt and water, olive oil and jalapeño.

Custom Vacuum Packing - Have vacuum packing project? Call us for pricing.

Shipping - Southwest and Alaska air cargo services are available.

Repacking - Packages poorly sealed? Fish butcher wrapped? We can repack your fish and save your catch.

Smoking - We are happy to smoke your salmon filets.

Jerky - We will make salmon jerky from your filets.


Is provided for customers who need their fish processed the day they arrive back at the dock. Often these customers have a plane to catch or a long drive home. If you want Same Day Service we strongly suggest you make a reservation well before your trip departs. We will filet and package your fish and get you out the door as quickly as possible. However if you have Frozen fish we will need one to three days for the fish to thaw before it can be processed. This fish can be picked up at a later date, shipped to you directly or flown air cargo to your local airport.


Is provided for customers who do not want or need their fish processed for “Same Day Service.” Let us know if you would like your fish to be kept fresh or frozen. If you are waiting 3 days or more to pick up your fish we highly recommend freezing your fish.  Please specify on your invoice which option is best for you and your intended date for pick up.


We are happy to accept whole fish and filets from the entire San Diego sport fishing fleet, private boaters and people returning from fishing trips that did not provide vacuum packaging. This service is available during normal business hours. Please contact us for details.


Friday-Sunday: 10am - 2pm
Monday-Thursday: Call for appointment